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About me:

I'm a game designer in his third year of the Game Design and Production (IGAD) course at BUAS University (NHTV) of Applied Sciences. 

I have a huge passion for game design. Games can bring experiences to players that evoke certain emotions and feelings better than most other mediums. I love it when a game fills something in my life that nothing else can and gives me new things to think about. Games can give us unique moments like: 'When we defeat that boss don't loot everything! Leave something for me!' or 'If I get defeated here my run is over and I lose all my progress and items so, therefore, I need to buy bombs to find the super-secret room.'. 

I always try to think critically about decisions and problems, never going for the first and most obvious solution right away. This enables me to look at a problem from lots of different angles and solutions.

Another interest of me is storytelling in a tabletop RPG setting. I like trying to figure out my table of players and predict their actions and based on those predictions deliver sessions they will enjoy and love. This really bleeds in my passion of being a game designer and creating experiences people want and like.

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