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Team Size: 4 Dms
Role: DM
Dev. Time: 52 weeks

Lands of Artefice (D&D westmarches)

Engine: Foundry
Releases: Discord

What is LoA:

LoA is a Westmarches D&D campaign I've been running with 3 other DMs. It is a campaign-style in which you manage a big playgroup (in our case 30 people) and host sessions for them in an everchanging world. The premise of LoA is: "A group of colonists found a new world an wants to explore it, the players are adventurers, criminals, and nobles looking for a new life. Meet natives, find artefacts and explore uncharted lands."

How does it work:

Every quest batch has a list of quests the players can choose between. Some of these quests are send in by players and others are created by the GM's. All these quests will progress the overall storyline of the campaign and actions within these sessions will have consequences on relationships and storylines. At the end of the quest the players get xp and gold rewards.

Quest Photos (13).png


We reward certain behaviors and meta-activities with two types of currency:

- Artifice points

- Inspiration points

Artifice Points

Lore-wise magic items are unique to the new world so they are highly coveted among players and NPCs. When players decide not to take a magic item (and give it to an NPC or another player) they gain artifice points. These points serve to reward players who choose to not keep a magic item that is found in a session. So whenever such an item is found you're always rewarded. In practice, this helps with players fighting over magic items during a session.



Inspiration points

I wanted to reward players for doing meta-game activities such as:

- Writing session rapports

- Drawing their character

- Making ques requests

- Doing guild publications

I introduced a system in which players can gain this currency and spend it on certain feats and buffs for their character. It is in general more valuable then Artifice points and some players really pump out cool things to gain these points.


Alchemy System:

A proper exploration-based alchemy system would complement the tone and feel of this campaign a lot, so I created one. This system is based on aspects and potencies. There are 16 aspects (only 8 are currently in use) and 3 potencies. A potion needs one base ingredient and can have up to 4 additive ingredients. These combinations will produce different difficulty classes and potion effects. I made a fully automated Google sheet for this. This system pushes the players that use the alchemy system to experiment with different ingredients and within the playerbase some secrecy started forming around how this system exactly worked. Eventually, they figured out all 8 aspects and now they are figuring out how the difficulty class is calculated.

WIP - More coming

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