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Team Size: 10
Role: Game & Audio Design
Dev. Time: 2 weeks

Captain, Fix It!

Engine: UE4

What is "Captain, Fix It!" ?

Captain, Fix It! is a game where you control a space captain and resolve tasks prompted to you by different personalities. Do them in time or risk your ship being blown up by enemy forces.

The core design

The core design of the game was designed to make the player feel pressure to do their tasks quickly. In the haste of the moment, they might forget a piece of the prompt and have to walk back and check what it was again. It was a very simple premise. During the development, we started with a bigger idea but slowly had to take aspects away from it so that we could finish it within the time constraints. Eventually we ended up with the current core design.

Editing & Recording the audio

We needed audio in the game to give the different assistants various personalities. The narrative designer came up with certain assistants and together we recorded some voice lines in a Sims-like gibberish speech. After the recording was done I used audacity to make some of them feel different. I added effects to make them sound more like the personalities that the narrative designer had in mind.

Trailer Creation

These short game creation loops were structured as followed.

- We got a prompt and a project brief at the start of the 2 weeks

- We worked on it 7 hours a day for 2 weeks

- We showed the trailer and gave a pitch in the big lecture hall for half of the teams to see.

Creating a trailer was a key aspect of the final part of this 'game jam' structure. The teachers would judge the game, presentation, and trailer in front of all students to see. For this trailer, I decided to make it more humorous and cliche. Getting people to laugh was a very good way to get a positive response from the teachers when they gave feedback.

Captain, Fix It! - Trailer

Captain, Fix It! - Trailer

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